“I worked closely with Dr. Thuy Rotunda during her psychiatry residency and child psychiatry fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Rotunda was a delight to work with, and one of the best young clinicians we have trained. She is highly responsible, an excellent communicator and has outstanding clinical skills. I would have absolutely no hesitation referring patients to her.”
- Charles S. Grob, M.D.
  Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
  Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine

“During the past more than thirty years, I have supervised literally hundreds of psychiatric residents, and Dr. Rotunda is among the very best of this entire number of generally very good doctors. She demonstrates and uses well an extensive fund of psychiatric knowledge. She manifests great, but appropriate, concern and responsibility toward her patients and their care. She has, and uses well, an unusual natural ability to hear latent language communication, and she uses that ability with skill and empathy.”
- Rodney Burgoyne, M.D., 2004

“In the short time you have worked with us, you managed to completely change our lives.  I am grateful to you for your time, patience, and expert help. I don’t know if I would have addressed my own mental health issues because it was such a hardship to get Charles the treatment he needs. Thank you for taking the time to help me.  I realize now how crucial it is to take care of myself as well as the kids or we will all suffer. I was stuck in a bad cycle with my son before we worked with you. I am pleased that my little family is finally growing in a positive direction.  I feel very hopeful for our future.  Thank you, sincerely, for your help.” 
- JP, former patient and mother of former patient

“I actually think that you are one of the best psychiatrists I can think of around in town, in terms of your caring, enthusiasm, and good psychiatric knowledge, psychopharmacologic and therapeutic skills you have. I have no hesitation to refer you any of my close friends and/or relatives.”
- Christopher Chung, M.D.
  Professor of Psychiatry, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

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Thuy Rotunda, MD
Thuy D. Rotunda, M.D.
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